Christina Harmonosky

      Christina’s earliest memories of a decorated cake are the photographs from her 3rd birthday. The decorations, including the napkins and plates had a cartoon of two clowns riding a bicycle. Her mother had hand painted the same image onto the cake using food coloring.

      As she got older, her mother showed her how to decorate cakes using a star tip. This enabled Christina to make cakes for family and friends using a variety of shaped pans, including her favorite, Winnie the Pooh!

      Over the next few decades, Christina took several Wilton classes and attended Culinary school at both Burlington County College and Buck County Community College where she received a Certificate of Pastry Arts in 2015.

     Christina has always enjoyed creating things that make people happy and now she gets to do it for a living with C & C Confections!

      Please call or email for a quote on your next custom cake or custom cookie order!


  • Interior Design  /  Art Institute of Philadelphia 1993-94

  • Interior Design  /  Moore College of Art – Grad BFA 1998

  • Pottery and photography  /  Philadelphia Community College 

  • Pastry Arts Program  /  Burlington County Comm College 2012

  • Certificate of Pastry Arts  /  Bucks Community College 2013- 2015